Welcome. We offer courses which support people to become soulful, nature connected adults, experiencing life and their communities to the fullest.

We specialise in ‘village’ approaches to emotional health, nature connection and helping people to find their soul-rooted gifts for their community.

The world needs our vitality and soul-work perhaps now more than ever.  As we have lost touch with nature, we have lost touch with ourselves.  We are just one expression of a great momentum from the grass-roots to live into our true potential as a species, inter-connected with all of life.

Even with all the obstacles of our individualised and rushed world, just tasting this possibility, albeit in a temporary ‘village’ context is regularly life changing.

None of this is original, as in new. It is original as in coming from our origins.  Everything we offer is actually very simple and basic, most of us just need to learn how to feel it and trust it anew.

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