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The quest is an ancient rite of passage, once employed by earth based cultures across the world to ceremonially mark the time of becoming an adult who has authentic and genuine gifts to offer one’s village and people.  It is an initiation into being fully alive to one’s life potential, to be joyfully at home within yourself and on the earth, and where your love opens up in serving the wider community.

This ceremony is old as the soil of the planet ~ when you leave the village to be alone in a place of beauty for 4 days and 4 nights, with the sweet longing of your soul calling out to all that is known and unknown, seen and unseen.  What a blessing to shed the busyness of the everyday life and sit alone in nature to listen deeply.  This is a rite to open yourself up fully to all that may stand in the way of knowing yourself, your true calling, and to ‘see’ yourself in the mirror of the world.

It is so simple, and holds the richest rewards of true renewal and the deepest knowing of who you are.

You will be Guided by Maeve Gavin and Annie Bloom, who will tend both your preparation and the harvesting and honouring of your experience, with great love, care, and commitment to your larger soul story.  We are very lucky to have Annie Bloom travelling from America to support this quest.

The whole experience of preparation, questing and integration takes 10 days.  We will draw on the creativity and wisdom that has arisen in our contemporary western contexts also.  This is about being with the ancient in the present, accepting and enhancing the gifts of both.

You will need to make an application and also find two ‘anchors’ to help your preparation and life beyond the held experiences like a quest.  An ‘anchor’ is somebody in your life who helps you feel centred and authentic just by their presence. You would ask them to support you on this journey, by meeting you at least once prior, and afterwards, and hopefully deepening into a longer term supportive relationship with you.   Their role is simply to witness and listen to your unfolding journey. You could offer some energy exchange to them also, whether it is reciprocal witnessing or something else entirely, like chopping wood or cooking them dinner.  If you apply for this quest you will receive further information on the significance of anchoring as a part of building healthy culture and ways it can work well.

Dates: 6-15th October 2012.

Location: Dulsie ancient riparian silverbich woodland in Moray, Scotland, close the river Findhorn.

Cost: £550- 650

And for  2013….. Quest in Ireland, Sheeffry Hills in County Mayo

with senior guides Annie Bloom and Peter Scanlon

August 8th-18th 2013

For more information, contact Jenny Deane:

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