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 I didn’t know something so inspiring existed. I wish my children and grandchildren could have this. The world needs what you’ve got. 

Ann Allen, 72, Women’s retreat, 2011

It was simply one of the most profound and deep experiences of my life, and I’m already looking at it as a milestone for me.

Robin Bowman, Arran 2011

It was very moving, powerful, playful at times, musical, sensitively crafted, heart-wrenching and beautiful.

Elly Stuart, Grief tending on Arran 2011

It was powerful to have the space to allow my gifts and my purpose to manifest and be seen and appreciated.  I found inspiration from unlikely sources and a new sense of gentleness in my way. It has been a life-changing experience!

Louis Raiz, Soultracker 2011

“You are amazing at this job – a pure gift to the world, a port in a storm. Don’t ever stop doing it! A truly well thought out, well held therapeutic experience, seemingly bringing comfort to all members of the village (even the more resistant!)  The love was tangible.”

Billy Richardson, Grief Tending, Arran, 2011

I feel full of peace and renewed energy for my life. 

Women’s retreat, E. Kinross

“The ritual was just wonderful, like reclaiming a part of myself that has been wandering in a desert, lost, looking for water. And the sense of what it is to be human from a sane healthy culture is just so healing and wholesome and whole-making.”

Anon woman, Devon 2011

Your 2 day Nature connection workshop had a big impact on me. I am using many of the activities from the course in my sessions (eagle eyes in a firm favourite). Also the ‘plant connection’ was incredible. I brought it back to my family to help us through some difficult things and it it couldn’t have worked out better.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 

Pheobe Marshal, Nature Connection weekend 2010

“I haven’t had a sense of depression walking alongside me since. that’s a huge change! I feel more connected to people, more accepting of myself. My experience of the ceremony was of a very safe and beauty-filled space. There was deep acceptance of where everybody was, a sense of community was well fostered.  Maeve’s presence was grounding, loving, authentic. I have deep respect for what she is bringing through and her commitment to it.”

M. Williams, Grief Tending Devon

I was one of the FCS girls at the women’s Red Tent, I  want to thank you profoundly for holding that experience, it was one of the most liberating and inspiring and incredible days of my life.
Thank you!!  Love, Phoebe

The nature training was moving, social, significant.    Many concepts I have come across before but it helped me  find practical ways of actually living some of my core beliefs. The structure and flow was great and I really felt you acted in line with what you were teaching throughout. Great Role Modelling!

Beth Gritten, Nature connection weekend, Wales 2011

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I learnt a lot from listening to your experiences and ancient wisdom passed down. Thanks for helping me take my first steps to move my grief.”

Glen Williams

“I felt securely and lovingly held by you, as facilitators who led the flowing, organic, yet firmly structured process. My overall impression of the weekend was of being comfortingly ‘held’ by a process which had been very skilfully adapted to suit our western dysfunctionality! The gentle, sensitive build up and coming back down from the ritual was lovingly crafted and delicately held.”

Henrietta Job, Devon 2011

Amazing, exhausting, full, tingerly, tantalizing, nerve-re-awakening, joyful, re-affirming, community heart building, wholesome. You have a very tangible talent for being super responsive to what the group wants and needs both in a practical sense and in an emotional, spiritual sense. This is bloody marvelous.  I love seeing the way you all work as a team, weaving your unique gifts as one!

Amy Downing, Nature Connection weeekend 2011

I feel like I’ve been cleansed with pipe cleaners through my hearts tubes and valves – release!

Grief tending, Cairngorms 2012, Lusi Alderslow

I am a much seasoned veteran of many courses, workshops, therapies and social movements which promised the earth but are not based on it, nor could deliver more than a temporary palliative. I have never in my life, and I am now 65, met someone of any age who embodies such a compassionate, responsible and beautiful way forward.  Maeve’s courses offer our troubled world a grassroots and resilient life-line to a renewed society.

Daphne Francis, Soultracker 2011

Way of the Village’s work is original, innovative, sensitive, experiential and healing. Anon Psychotherapist.

Soultracker is lipsmacking patter that scintillates,

shimmers then shatters

your psyche’s conceptual matter.

Full of essential practice and patter,

It is a panacea of alma mata;

A must for the 21st Century unpacker.

Rhyddian Knight, Soultracker 2011

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